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Creative and passionate, coupled with a mastery of Digital design he has a unique expertise in breakthrough technology. Jerome excels in creating innovative experiences.

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The exceptional Lanceval Champagne offers a unique range of flavor. Only the best grapes of the most remarkable years are selected. These can be enjoyed in these futuristic design bottle.  It is a pleasure of every moment. This exclusive champagne transforms a party into a unique experience. Lanceval Premium Brut is an alliance of power and elegance, freshness and complexity. Spring fragrance and subtle tangy accents persist. Unfold notes of ripe fruit and agrum that give a feeling of lightness and fullness with a nice freshness. Premium Brut is a perfect wine for an aperitif and invites you to the party. Its emblem, the double-headed eagle, highlights the imperial history and futuristic elegance of the Maison Lanceval. The champagne is a promise of happiness and the French ‘art de vivre’. This pure sculpture created with a timeless passion is enclosed in a beautiful black label enhanced with gold and white. Every detail has been considered to express magnificence and perfection. Lanceval is signed by the designer Jerome Olivet, the creator of Many spectacular products. Passionate by history and fascinated by the quest of excellence, an admirer of nature, lovers Champagne land and its wine, it instills that special touch of personality and requirements in each creations of the Lanceval House .

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janvier 11, 2017