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Creative and passionate, coupled with a mastery of Digital design he has a unique expertise in breakthrough technology. Jerome excels in creating innovative experiences.

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We believe that purity can only be found in nature. Creatura talk about high sense of quality and style. It was inspired by moving water and animal forms. This is really nature in motion. We want to create the best soda in the world: That’s why we use the finest ingredients and developed original recipes. All flavor of Creatura Sparkling drinks are natural and unique. Simple, pure and elegant, it’s a timeless form. By caressing these free lines, you already feels the intense taste of Creatura. It’s designed with no angle, a totally free form that speaks of individuality. It’s really alive and without any limit. Creatura releases sensations. Its racy style describes a supernatural world. With soft and aerodynamic forms, two organics shapes fused in a fascinating body. It send us all the energy of Creatura tast. Its sexy lines and flashy color give really happiness in 3 dimensions. Technology today allows you to have amazing color. You can mix opacity and transparency in the same time.Creatura is made of PET. This is an amazing material.It is unalterable. It is also very light and flexible. And the most important, 100% recyclable. It’s a total concept. we wanted to create a unique experience: For example, the packaging of the bottle is a free flowing line, an infinite loop. And you drink Creatura in a beautiful glass with sleek and generous curves.

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décembre 28, 2016