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Creative and passionate, coupled with a mastery of Digital design he has a unique expertise in breakthrough technology. Jerome excels in creating innovative experiences.

33 rue Anna Jacquin, 92100 Boulogne Billancourt, France

+33 (0)1 41 10 89 81


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Product Design

We work with manufacturers who are looking for a true innovation. We bring an experiential, user-based and design vision perspective that boosts their products’ market appeal, performance, and profit margins. With cross sectors and borders clients, we have a unique ability to see and exploit the possibilities of new materials, technologies, and user demands.


Making choice of growth with tech is an ongoing challenge, leading to surprising twists and turns. So the ability to anticipate the futur is crucial. It can be the opportunity for your company to improve competitiveness through innovation and product development with our fully talent studio. Innovation and product development are the key to success. With us, you improve your competitiveness by bringing new and improved products and services to the market.

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Graphics and Branding

We will help you to find what makes your company truly different. It’s a design strategy to develop communication programs and branded environments that define, inspire and engage consumers. We create a seamless user experience and unified brand impression to raise your profile and improve your image.

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Think space means designing not just for visual impact, but also for health, comfort, flexibility and ease of use. To deal with this, we take a cross-disciplinary approach that considers all the dimensions of the world around us. We deliver innovation, quality and  more human interior with a new vision of furniture and modern architecture.

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