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Creative and passionate, coupled with a mastery of Digital design he has a unique expertise in breakthrough technology. Jerome excels in creating innovative experiences.

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Heros Paris 2024

Heros Paris 2024

The torch represents the courage, dignity and power. It is a magnificent creative impulse synthesizing the design and sport. It will fly to become the emblem of the Paris Olympics in 2024. HEROS is a free form with colorful body and silvery glint. Its aerodynamic body reveals an oval opening with chrome surround. It projects a flame full of purity that extend the natural form.
This futuristic animal is a work of contemporary art. We discover in this skin smoothed 3D a heart of fire. Its cast aluminum body makes it light and ultra technology. The line is fluid. It highlights that life will blossom and take off during the games. It represents the Olympic spirit which flies alongside the athletes. HEROS envelope the wearer and the audience. It merges with the body and becomes an extension. Magically, a carnal relationship develops. The torch focuses all the energy and reveals the universal beauty of sport.

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décembre 18, 2016