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Jet House

Jet House

JET HOUSE springs towards the ocean, towards the horizon.
Its exceptional design is like a movement.
All of it flies away to create one moment of softness and elegance.
It is the last evolution as regards individual architecture.
Its inhabitants will live one unique moment.
By its biomorphic design, their life is transformed into an experiment. They will evolve in a total work of art:
Located in a place with a remarkable and preserved panorama, the villas are linked between them by a quay formed of sinuous lines.
Design is a mixture of power and wellbeing. Thanks to the careened forms, one senses oneself comfortable, as in a cocoon.
All the lines converge towards the terrace. One is there in weightlessness.
The light slips by on its shiny body and propels it forward.
The house, posed delicately on a metallized space, opens onto two integrated car parks.
Inside, one reaches it by large picture windows and one discovers 2 uplifted plateaux structuring the space.
Openings cut out the form and flood the space with light.
An elevator leads us to the two floors. Connecting with the outside, the house gives onto the terrace bathed in sun.
The immaculate color of the walls contrasts with the ground mirror which reflects the sky.
It is built out of artificial stone and it has the translucent depth of the marble.
And under the caresses of the sun, this architectural skin takes shape under our eyes.
All in it attracts attention, its form amalgamates with the ground and the sky.
JET HOUSE is an extreme feeling, the symbol of a new life.

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Architecture, Design


Architecture, Art, Luxe


janvier 16, 2017