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Creative and passionate, coupled with a mastery of Digital design he has a unique expertise in breakthrough technology. Jerome excels in creating innovative experiences.

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Nao Collection is inspired by wide space and wild nature shape with minimalist colours and bewitching perfumes . The candle impresses and stands out from the ordinary. A common product that becomes extraordinary. The candle becomes an icon of design. The raw materials are selected for their superior quality and ecological attributes. The fragrances are elaborated by a renowned perfumer in Grasse, the temple of perfumery. The mineral, non-oily wax and the wicks made of fine Egyptian cotton, will ensure longevity. Nao Collection includes a wide choice of decorative candles presented in transparent glass vases. An exceptional quality that is not possible without the meticulous work of true craftsmen. All the candles are poured by hand into vases that are blown by craftsmen glass workers making each item unique.

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Design, Scented Candle


Architecture, Furniture, Luxe, Object


décembre 31, 2016