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Creative and passionate, coupled with a mastery of Digital design he has a unique expertise in breakthrough technology. Jerome excels in creating innovative experiences.

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Supernova TV

Supernova TV

An other dimension: The new technologic brand Connected Universe presents the Supernova 3D LED TV: TV of the future, intuitive, functional, it has a quality and an impressive image depth. With a super-slim design on one sculptural stand, this screen will fit perfectly into your interior.
Wide creative screen: Share your movies and music with family and friends has never been easier. Stream in full size all the videos you find on YouTube. Watch HD podcasts and listen to Internet radio on your speakers. Supernova with TV, you live fully everything you find on the Web.
Supernova TV, Smart TV, Power core, Shark Remote, Cinemax 3D, Ultra LED, HDTV 1080p, 140cm (55 pouces)

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Connected Universe


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janvier 23, 2017